Project Development Consulting


Alan Fowle


Alan’s passion is Organic Design and Integrated Sustainable Development for Community an their Families and he has co-created the permaLIFE system for implementation of programme and project sustainability.

Having lived and worked with both rural and urban Communities, grown organic food and sustained himself and his family off the land, researched sustainable development and the business of survival, Alan’s vision is to develop and implement responsible Community strategies to create and maintain healthy sustainable human settlements using an integrated business planning approach.

Alan has over 20 years experience in co-ordinating multi-disciplinary projects and specialises in Integrated Sustainable Development Planning, Strategic Project Management, Natural Architecture and Design. He has extensive experience in the design, planning and systematic implementation of Project Development initiatives which have sustainability as a core focus.

He has been a Consulting Partner, Director and Independent Consultant to private individuals and companies, government and development organisations in the fields of Project Management, Architecture and Urban Design, Contracts Management, Strategic Sustainable Business Planning and Sustainable Development Planning for Community. He has assumed responsibility for overall project design and development, project co-ordination and management of project teams and for time, quality and cost efficient execution of multidisciplinary projects as Principal Implementing Agent.

Experience Summary

· Project Co-ordination, Project Management and Contracts Management

· Project Architecture / Rural & Urban Design Frameworks

· Integrated Sustainable Human Settlement Planning

· Integrated Strategic Development Planning & Implementation

· Community Facilitation Negotiation, Conciliation & Arbitration


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